I have had a life long interest in the English language, which is not surprising has I was born and raised in England. I have a science / technical background, having taken a Chemistry degree at University and then working for many years in Research & Development (U.K.A.E.A. / AEA Technology).
More surprisingly, I have lived in Greece has a poor artist. To survive I sold my paintings to tourists, in the summer, and painted taverna signs during the winter. Naturally I learned Greek, an effort much appreciated by my local customers.

Image-Processing B.C. (Before Computers)

When I moved to Sweden I learned Swedish and taught myself HTML programming. Since then I have worked for Ericsson as a webmaster and I have translated technical texts from Swedish to English for, among others, IBM, Inobiz and Vattenfall.
My CV is available in PDF format (you will need Acrobat Reader), click here to open it in a new window.